Best Torrent Clients for Mac, Linux & Windows 2017

Torrent remain as the “to go” solution to keep your downloads ongoing. If you got some torrent files using the torrent websites, then you need to proceed further for downloading. Here is were torrent clients comes into the picture. If the software isn’t up to the mark, you might end up with decreased down rates. Anyhow, not every software are created equal. You need to recognise your usage and select the clients.

Let’s see some of the best torrent clients for Mac and Windows to manage your torrenting files.

Best Torrent Client For Mac, Windows & Linux 2017

1. uTorrent

uTorrent is the light-weight client and familiar to everyone who has been torrenting for a while. It’s fast and simple, with its intuitive user-interface you won’t find anything wired. You can sync the torrents files or move to other devices which have uTorrent installed. You can stream or preview the video or movies before you download them. It has an integrated antivirus program, which not let any virus flow into your computer.

Once you installed the uTorrent, you could open the torrent files directly from the web browser itself by a single click. It is an ad-free torrent program that is compatible with many platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. You can upgrade for pro for more options. If the this software is slow, then you could follow the remedies to speed up uTorrent downloader client.

Download uTorrent

2. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a leading torrent program that is packed with lots of features. It is the original torrent client created a while back, you can download large files (no limit) without any restrictions on the file size. You can sync the torrent files seamlessly without worrying much to any devices. Apart from that you can experience the faster downloading speed and enhanced productivity with this software.

If you could upgrade to the pro version, you can stream the torrents instantly without waiting for the download to complete. It would automatically protect your device from the malware and virus through its antivirus integration. Convert the videos to any format and download them in any device.

Download BitTorrent

3. Vuze

Vuze is effective yet best torrent program with multiple features. They have the three version, if you were a Windows user go with Leap, if you were a Mac or Linux user go with Vuze. Both the modules were free to use with all the standard features. With the free version, you will get the ad-free interface with tidy look. If you need more then you can upgrade for the Vuze+ with high standard options.

With Vuze+, you’ll get heck lot of options including port forwarding, swarm discoveries, directly burning CD/DVD from the torrent downloader itself, remote control via web browser or any mobile app, video conversion and play and much more.

Download Vuze

4. Tixati

Tixati is one of the best torrent client with all the common features. Unfortunately, this program isn’t available for the Mac users, but you might get for Windows and Linux. It is simple and power software capable of running both in desktop manually or client in servers. Best part they don’t have the annoying Ads and pop-ups. Quick and easy to install without any other programs.

Detailed data usage stats along with the graph which helps you to keep track on your internet usage. Apart from that, you’ll get advanced IP filter, UDP connections, RC4 connections and much more.

Download Tixati

5. BitComet

BitComet is another great torrent software, which Http and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) supported. it is a familiar yet effective client to manage all your files in one go. You can schedule, queue the downloading order and set the maximum and minimum speed as well. There isn’t anything special, overall the standard features were out there. The downloading speed acceleration is something working great to boost the existing download speed.

Download BitComet

6. BitLord

Bitlord is another great packaged software to download torrent files. You can start downloading the files by search by the file name you looking for, you’ll receive the thousands of results from torrent sites. It also shows the comments or feedbacks about the file, make sure you look for them before you download. It distinguish between the downloads type and keep them in appropriate categories.

If you subscribe to their channel to get your desired torrent files in one place. Overall it is one of the best torrent client by far.

Download Bitlord

7. Transmission

Transmission if the Ubuntu’s default BitTorrent client from years, because of its free and powerful options. You don’t any pop-ads or anything frustrating in this client. Within few clicks you could change all the core settings, which makes it way to go solution for most instance. To be frank, they don’t track the users and sell them to third party websites.

It is low memory consuming client that doesn’t need any special requirement. Even you could automate this client for remote desktop usage. Since it source code is open, which makes it extremely popular.

Download Transmission

8. Deluge 

Deluge is the powerful torrent downloader that equipped with tons of plugins to extend the usage. It is designed in such a way that it can be used for running in both desktop manually and in servers as well. It have the thin-client mode, once it is enabled, you can control this software in the remote servers in any part of the globe. It have the built-in browser so that yu can capture the magnetic or torrent files directly.

Deluge is equipped with lot of standard features like Local Peer discovery (LPD), DHT, and port forwarding support. Furthermore, you can use any proxy servers site to lift up the downloading speed.

Download Deluge

9. qBitTorrent

qBittorrent allows you to download your desired torrents with the polished uTorrent like interface. They have the built-in search engine through which you can search your desired torrents and download the within the client itself. Most of the torrent extension were supported including DHT, peer exchange, and others. If you need the port forwarding, you can select from UpnP/Nat-PMP.

Other features including advanced RSS feed, IP filtering, download queue makes it one of the best alternative to uTorrent. They can even schedule the bandwidth if you really need it.

Download qBitTorrent

Torrents will help you to download any files anytime, but if you don’t have the active torrent downloader software you might end up with nothing. So you need to install a best torrent client for your Mac or Windows or Linux to have fun with torrenting.

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