Google Tricks: Zero, Underwater And Anti Gravity Google

Google is an unaltered option for most of us, when it comes to seeking something. Moreover, the internet is suffused into the Google’s ownership. Since 2010, it is acquiring, at least, two companies per week, further, now it had been established more than a search engine!

Google is vast; you can find accurate information about any topic within few searches. They were remembered for their quest speed and the care they take for each of its visitors. But, more than a search engine they were doing their part of work exceptionally well. Even more, you could make use of Google Maps to get directions, Make use of Gmail, which is one of the best email service provider out there.

If you are looking something in Google, you may get bored easily and quickly. It isn’t new, what if you had handy Google tricks and tips in your hands that let you don’t attain the boredom. Further, more you could check some Google chrome tricks and tips to tweak for optimum performance.

Before we move on, you need to rectify what Google tricks means and how it will be more fun.

What is Google Tricks or Google Anti Gravity?

Google runs on the particular algorithm, so they do have the loopholes, Right? ?

Google tricks are nothing but the set of strings that will act unusually unlike other searches. They are funnier and make you fizzled if you aren’t seen before. Further among the various Google tricks and tips, Google gravity remains something pique most of us.

Google gravity is something, but the web pages or contents are collapsed under by the pull of gravitational force. Although it is imaginary, at the most instance it will make everyone puzzled.

Yeah, you’d got to know about the Google gravity tricks. Let’s pull the curtains down to reveal the Antigravity Google tricks 2016 ?

Google Tricks: Anti Gravity Google, Zero Gravity Google, and Underwater Magics 2016

We have over many Google gravity tricks that would make most of the noobs prank, so let us get started…

1. Anti Gravity Google or also called as Google Anti Gravity Tricks

It is one of the insane Google tricks that would be amazing.

Have you ever wondered in Space?

If no, here is the anti gravity Google trick that would let your queries float like objects do in space. Isn’t that cool?

With Google anti gravity trick, all the outcome of your search is appeared to be floating due to the lack of gravity like space. It looks stunning, and you can quickly make all your friends fool out of this cool google trick. Moreover, with this, you can pick anything and play as astronomers do in space!

Overall, we all aren’t blessed to give a visit to the area. But our searches or queries have the boon so, with this anti gravity Google tricks. Click here to visit the area!

2. Google Gravity Underwater!


Yeah, it also the part of Google Tricks 2016!

Have you ever get into the underwater of any sea or river or even swimming pool?

Is that great, undoubtedly it is the most celebrated among other places to visit in the land. So here is the Google gravity underwater trick, that lets your queries or searches result page reach the marine destination.

With this google gravity method, you can see some of the marine species, algae and another kind of living creatures found beneath the sea. You’ll see the search bar and the Google logo appears to be floating on the water surface. Wondered how this Google gravity trick looks, then head over to this link and experience the Google gravity underwater tricks.

3. Zero Gravity Google Tricks

Zero Gravity Google!

It is another great yet funny things to do with Google. With this Google zero gravity trick, you can easily experience the absolute zero gravity in your browser without burning any fuel. The actual concept is based on the gravitational force, and this project is the outcome of the zero gravity condition. The images or context that visible in your browser get collapsed all of sudden!

If you managed to hold any one of the objects out there, and hit other objects and play excellent games. The objects bounces, when it get affected by other. Overall, if you are looking for the google gravity tricks, then zero gravity Google might be a greatest among all. You can easily experience all the zero gravity Google tricks when you point your browser to here.

4. Google Space Gravity!

It is another great Google gravity cheat that might be drunk!

With this Google anti-gravity tricks, you can easily experience the effect of floating condition. Further, if you search anything with the Google space gravity, you’ll see the search results are floating around. If you aren’t experienced this Google gravity trick yet, looks the image below, this is how it looks like.

Overall, this is one of the cool Google tricks then Google space gravity might be the real trick to go for.

5. Google Guitar

Are you indeed music lover?

Then this google gravity trick is going to be handy. With this Google tricks, you can easily play Guitar within your browser. Doesn’t it cool?

You can easily play the guitar by hovering your mouse cursor across its strings. The sound seems to good, further if you are a good player you can record the session too. They were automatically uploaded to their servers, so you can easily share them via social medias too. All I can say is, this is one of the top Google gravity tricks that would worth. To get access to the Google guitar, click here.

#6. Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll is something unexpected google tricks. It is simple as other searches work, just head over the Google homepage, and type ” Do A Barrel Roll” (without quotes). See the magic that will happen.

Your search result would roll once when you hit the enter, and it is going to cool when your friends or relatives were unaware of this Google gravity tricks. Overall, do a barrel roll one of the best Google tricks.

#6. Epic Google Trick

Epic Google is another form of Google tricks that would be epic!

With you visit here, you’ll notice the Google search bar along with buttons will increase dramatically. You can’t stop happening. It is going to conquer your entire browser screen, and I don’t know where it ends. Let me know them via comments below.

Overall, one of the great Google tricks out there on the Internet.

7. Google Tilt


Yeah, have you ever searched the term in Google Search Engine!

If you are not yet, then do it once you see the magic. To do that, just go to the Google homepage or search engine and enter the term “Tilt” without quotes. You’ll see your result page is inclined towards your right.

Look at the slanted search results, impressive right?. Anyhow, it is also one of the best Google tricks that we met accidentally while hunting for the Anti-Google gravity tricks.

8. Play PackMan Game!

Games are fascinating things of all time. If you are a hardcore gamer, but you can’t forget the beginning games like PackMan.

Being one of the traditional oldest game, it deserves the play. So we’d this Google tricks especially for you people, you can easily play the Packman games by visiting here. You need play as Packman and protect yourself against those monsters from being eaten up you.  Overall one of the cool Google tricks.

9. Google Gravity Mirror Tricks


With the Google gravity tricks that mentioned below, you can easily reflect the search result pages. Hardly you can read one or two lines with this trick, but if you exposed this to an actual mirror, you could read seamlessly. Look at the image below for your reference.

Overall one of the best Gravity google tricks.

Wrapping it up,

Google Tricks and tips are essential to keep you up in your productivity while searching for something. If you are a regular user of Google search, it is better to know these Google gravity tricks.

So we have revealed Anti gravity Google, zero gravity Google and Google gravity underwater tricks. Better you have a look at these gravity Google tricks.

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